OET will launch a new Helpdesk system in January 2019.

GGC's new Helpdesk will replace our current Footprints ticketing system, and will provide better service to our GGC end-user community. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to this new and improved system.

We will continue to update this site with new information to help facilitate the transition to this new system which will include future items such as tutorial video, FAQs and benefits this system will provide.

Thank you,
Office of Educational Technology

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When does OET plan to move to this new system?
A: The goal is to have the new system up and processing requests at the beginning of Spring 2019 semester.


Q: What is Samanage?
A: Samanage is the cloud-based ticketing application that is the core of our new Helpdesk system. Samanage will improve the management of technology service requests while providing improved self-service solutions.


Q: How do I submit a request with this new ticketing system?
A: You can submit a ticket via the new Helpdesk portal (Helpdesk.ggc.edu) or you can email Helpdesk@ggc.edu. You can also call the Helpdesk at (678)-407-5611 to have a ticket created by a Helpdesk staff member.


Q: Do I use the same website or URL to submit a Helpdesk ticket?
A: Yes. You will still go to Helpdesk.ggc.edu to submit a request.


Q: Do I need a new login to access the new ticketing system or self-service portal?
A: No. The new Helpdesk system uses single sign-on which means you can use your GGC email address and password to login.


Q: What happens if I have an existing ticket in the current ticketing system when we switch over to the new system?
A: If you have an open or pending ticket in the current ticketing system, it will be migrated as a new ticket in the new system. We want to assure all open tickets are resolved or moved to the new system if your previous ticket has not been resolved.


Q: How can I get training on this new system?
A: OET will offer training in November/December 2018 and in early January 2019. Be on the lookout for email regarding training dates and times. A short video tutorial and FAQs will be available on https://media.ggc.edu/newhelpdesk.


Q: What are the benefits of this new system?
A: GGC's new Helpdesk system will make requesting technology services easier, as well as provide quick answers for many technology-related issues. The new Helpdesk system will be a cloud-based hosted solution. That means it will be more reliable. The new system will also have an improved user experience that will help you know the status of your requests. There will also be a solutions section that will provide answers to common questions.


New information about GGC's new Helpdesk system will be added regularly.

Please visit the page again to stay up-to-date.