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From  David Kerven 7 Months ago

8 Learn More from Lynda has a wealth of resources for learning more about Office 365, Outlook, and an amazing variety of other topics. Learn about the free premium Lynda account you have, as a member of the…

From  Christine Robinson 11 Months ago

7 Automatic Replies.mp4

Ever send an urgent email to someone, and get no reply? Did they overlook your email, or are they away? Whom should you contact instead? It can be frustrating to be left in the dark - so don't…

From  Christine Robinson 11 Months ago

6 Sharing.mp4

By default, everyone at GGC can see non-specific information in your calendar; they can see when you are busy. You have several additional options for sharing your calendar. You can allow people to…

From  Christine Robinson 11 Months ago

5 Responding to Invitations.mp4

When you receive a meeting invitation, you have several response options, including "Do not send a response." Find out why you should never use "Do not send a response." Part 5 of…

From  Christine Robinson 11 Months ago

4 Meeting Invitations.mp4

When you want to meet with someone, you can avoid the hassle of calling or emailing them to ask when they're available! This video shows how to check the availability of anybody at GGC, before…

From  Christine Robinson 11 Months ago

3 Your Schedule.mp4

Did you know that your calendar does more than remind you of your appointments? It's a courtesy to others when you keep your GGC calendar up-to-date and complete. Part 3 of an 8-part series on…

From  Christine Robinson 11 Months ago