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2017-08-09 - Title IX Compliance Training

From  batchUser

CErSV Podcast - 03 - Dr. Benjamin Scafidi from Kennesaw State University

From  Eric Wearne

Kareem Adekunle - GGC Summer 2016 Commencement

Wanting a brighter future than what awaited him in Nigeria, Kareem Adekunle originally came to the United States through a high school program designed to position him for a college basketball…

From  Gregory Starks

CErSV Podcast - 01 - Russ Moore from Seamless Education

Dr. Wearne speaks with Russ Moore from Seamless Education Associates.

From  Eric Wearne

GGC Fall Commencement - 12-17-2015

Georgia Gwinnett College's Fall 215 Commencment Ceremony

From  Gregory Starks