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MFA Authenticator setup

The Microsoft Authenticator app is the easiest MFA method to use, but it takes time to set it up. There are several steps involved, going back and forth between a computer and your smartphone or…

From  Christine Robinson

A-04 How Headings Work

What's the difference between direct formatting and using a heading style? (What the heck does "direct formatting" mean, anyway?) See how use of heading styles helps create an…

From  Christine Robinson

A-03 Getting started with the template

Before you begin entering your course specifics, get your desktop ready by opening the Navigation and Styles panes. Without them, you can't complete a document in an accessible manner. Besides…

From  Christine Robinson

A-02 Accessibility features

What is it that makes the syllabus template "accessible"? Take a look through the accessibility features used in the template - in order to understand them, and in order to avoid messing…

From  Christine Robinson

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This is an abridged version of my face-to-face workshop on MS Teams, created for the GGC community as we transition to working remotely. It covers the following:Overview of Teams and how a…

From  Christine Robinson


From  Gregory Starks